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DJ GREGORY - Antena Magazine


One of France’s premier house DJs and producers, Dj Gregory began his recording career in the late ’90s, working between NYC and Paris and becoming soon the indispensable DJ at the hype, outrageous club nights at Folies Pigalles alongside Dimitri from Paris and Daft Punk.
His residencies made history on the soulful dance floors of the capital, starting from the nights at the eldest TGV, and  the parties “Respect” at the Queen, “Legends” at the Rex (instigated by his old friend DJ Deep), and the “Warehouse” nights at the Palace, alongside artists as Francky Knuckles, K. Carpenter, T. Patterson, KOT, Boris Dlugosh, Mousse T., and Phil Asher.

His career as producer also shows enormous versatility, even with his choice of labels.
He produced tracks for the labels Basenotic Records and Yellow Productions, before affiliating himself with the celebrated  Africanism project and ultimately founding his own label, Faya Combo, in the new millennium.
One of the first releases one this label was “Damelo” which became a club hit and has been played by most renowned djs.
Since then he took a 3 years trip to amsterdam where he did collaborate with dutch producer including material he recorded with severals trip in Africa and Brasil.
Back in Paris in 2014 he went back to his very underground project call “Point G” that he did perform live.