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MYSTIC JUNGLE - Antena Magazine


Mystic Jungle is a key figure in the new Neapolitan electronic / funk movement, and co-founder of the Early Sounds Recordings label in 2012.
He is now currently devoted exclusively to the Periodica Records platform and leading member of the related band project “The Mystic Jungle Tribe” as well as his solo career, releasing “Night Of Cheetah” in 2018 and the EP “Jurakan” in 2019. The latest side-projects saw him collaborating with Enrico Fierro for “Space Garage” and with Raffaele Whodamanny Arcella for “Afrodesia”, edited on the historic 80’s italo disco label Best Record.  He is also the owner of Futuribile Record Club, a record shop specialized in the 80’s Italian sound in Napoli.



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